Packed and ready to go


Ready to go!

There’s quite a lot of luggage when you’re packing for a boat as well as two people, but we managed it.

We probably have far more clothes than we need but (a) I figure you can never have too many layers and (b) they help pad out sharp corners on essentials like sets of hex keys.

Dress rehearsal

Ready for wet weather

A(nother) dress rehearsal of the wet weather gear went well; I can get my salopettes, jacket and boots on in the right order and (mostly) without assistance.

So it seems we’re pretty much good to go, and hopefully everything will be hunky dory at the marina.

Two days should be enough to get everything ready at that end, and I am looking forward to a well-deserved (I think) Portuguese gin tomorrow night. Late afternoon. Maybe lunchtime.

Speaking of gin, I heard today that it is becoming even more popular in this country and the number of gin distilleries has doubled in the last few (10 I think they said) years. I wasn’t much of a gin drinker till I tried Nao when we were first in Lagos and I am now a convert.


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