Masquerade’s mooring


Masquerade in her new home





Mooring up

We’ve arrived, we’ve moored up, with only a slight hitch when James steered beautifully for Q7 when we are on Q6.

Lots of rope and fender manoeuvres – I actually helped on that front! – and the boys soon clamoured for beer.

James inadvertently christened the boat and lost his beer when he was tidying up a warp.

(For those concerned about litter, he did retrieve the can.)


The proud owner celebrates

So a little rest and relaxation before we clear out the boat and get her ready to go to the boatyard.


More celebration













The onshore power all ready for her!

Back in Blighty!


Approaching Cowes

We are now gently drifting up the Solent towards Masquerade’s new home in East Cowes. The wind and weather have been on our side for the past 24 hours or so and we have made very good time. Kevin and I had the 12-4am shift but I was sent by the skipper to rouse the others for the approach to Needles Channel.

It was still dark when we started off, and there was one exciting moment, caused by a combination of the headsail blocking the helmsman’s view and a confusion in communication whereby the critical word “don’t” wasn’t heard. There was a fair amount of shouting and bad language all round and I (quietly sitting there doing my chocolate teapot impersonation and wondering “what buoy?”) got a much closer view of a buoy than I ever hope to enjoy again.

That was the only tense moment and it has been all smooth since then. The boys did get the sails in goosewing mode briefly, though I missed the moment.

Let me get this online as we are soon to arrive in the marina.